Global Evangelistic Network was founded on February 23rd, 2002 with the purpose of spreading the life changing message of Jesus Christ worldwide. Daniel Schott has been the president of GEN since the beginning. Before founding GEN, Daniel was already preparing for the evangelistic ministry, through various studies in Germany and abroad, and made his first evangelistic experiences in English speaking countries. By that time God had confirmed several times Daniel's call to world evangelism. Mission trips to Africa an Asia followed.

At the beginning of 2005 the Lord spoke to Daniel, and told him that his preaching would be accompanied with demonstrations of the Spirit's power. During a Gospel Meeting in Kenya, the same year, God gave Daniel a breakthrough into the supernatural. Since then, his ministry has been accompanied by healings, signs and wonders. During conferences and Revival Meetings people experience God's presence and are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

While ministering as an Evangelist, Daniel still studied intensively the Evangelistic ministry of Reinhard Bonnke in Africa. This study specifically prepared him for his ministry on the African continent. Over the years, the network of churches and ministries in Germany and abroad grew. The media ministry expanded, and after visiting Pakistan in 2007, TV programs have been broadcasted there on a cable network. Since February 2009, TV programs are being broadcasted daily in Davao City (Philippines).

In between some radio programs were aired on local station in Germany. Through the media ministry of GEN millions of people are being reached. Inspite of great resistance, GEN-Prayer meetings were started in October 2008. Christians from various churches come to pray for the ministry of GEN, and volunteer workers support the work of GEN.

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